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18- The link between body and soul

QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life

If a human being is made of a body and a soul, there must be a link between the two. What could it be?We created the cracking towers of our refineries in our image. You introduce the oil in the center of the cracking tower. The heavy products move to the bottom. The lighter products such as fuel for trucks, planes and cars move to the top.

Let’s look at the human body. The input is the food that we eat. It gets separated into different products. There is some heat to keep our body at the right temperature - some energy to move things around - some new cells to replace the dead ones….  The most important goes to the top. It represents 20% of the energy that we extract from our food.

The human body works like a cracking tower, extracting different products from a raw material provided by nature. What is important, in our case, is that we send to our brain 20% of the energy found in our food.

The human body distilled food and

sends 20% of that energy to the brain.

Something similar happens in the flowers. They grow roots in the ground and extract a fragrance.

Our brain represents only 2% of our weight but consumes 20% of our energy.

90% of the energy used by he brain remains unaccounted for.

Another mystery

We have more than 80 billion neurons and most of them are not used during the day. If an organ is not used, it withers and fades away. In the past 300 000 years the neurons of our brain could have disappeared many times. If they are still here, there must be a use for them that we are not aware of. If we don’t use them during the day, would it be possible that we use them at night?

In the 1980’s some people started saying that they can leave their body and remain conscious.  That usually happened during surgery. They called that having an NDE (Near Death Experience).  They talk about pure bliss, perfect happiness, connection with God. They don’t recommend surgery as a way to reach perfect happiness, of course! They only testify that it is much easier to reach happiness when the soul is free from the limitations of the body.

The first patients coming with such stories were not welcome. They were sent to the psychiatrists and put on drugs. When they realized that pills could become the main part of their diet, the best way out of their predicament was to blame the stress of the surgery operation. They decided to forget the whole thing.

As more and more people came out with similar stories the psychiatrists started to pay attention. Would it be possible that body and soul could get separated and be put back together while we are still alive?

Surgeons like Dr Lloyd Rudy can testify to their surprise.

In the 1970’s Raymond Moody published “Life after life”.   He is the father of the modern NDE movement.

Today the NDE survivors have meetings every month in the main cities of the world. They have their own organizations such as: NDERF - ADCRF - IANDS. 

What can happens when we are asleep?

Would it be possible that the purpose of our brain is to accumulate energy from our food and make it available to our soul at night?  Could the soul use this energy and our 80 billion neurons, at night, when we are not conscious?  Could the human body be nothing more than a tool at the disposal of the soul?  During the day we may be implementing decisions that were made at night using our neurons and our energy extracted from our food.

This is getting us far away from scientific rigor. We cannot produce any proof. We cannot measure anything. We are in the position of the detective looking for clues.

Let’s have some fun.

We know that a good night sleep is important. Why do we let every single play in our theater ignore what happens at night? Something is missing.

That can be arranged. Take a play that you know and write the chapters that are missing at night. It’s fun! During the day we have bodies conscious of other bodies. At night we have souls’ conscious of other souls. This is when decisions are made that will be implanted the next day in the physical world. 

What we call ‘love’ may be what happens between the souls, at night, when the souls are conscious of other souls in their soul’s world.

In your play, the intrigue during the day would remain the same but everything would happen for completely different reasons. At night, your characters could say things like: “To be conscious or not be conscious – That is the question!” and “I think. Therefore, I am under a glass ceiling” and “Until death reunites us”.


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