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QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life

24 - Using happiness as a guide

We need a guide. We could go in all directions searching for the purpose of our life and get lost. We need a compass always pointing in the right direction.  This guide could be Happiness. Looking for the purpose of our life and looking for happiness follow the same path. The explanation may be that getting free from the material world is a source of happiness.

Happiness is a consequence:

Watching us looking for happiness in all directions may give the impression that we don’t know what we are doing. The problem is that we don’t find what we are looking for.

Happiness cannot be treated like an object in the material world. It is not a personal belonging. It belongs to the world of the soul and is a consequence of what happens to the soul. True happiness is like heat that can transform an object without being attached to it.


The first step was to separate true happiness from simple enjoyment.

You may enjoy good food, but can you rely on food to have a happy life?

This first video, on the left, is about the way

people look for happiness in different countries.

They look outside. They have a good excuse.

Their senses are directed to the outside world.

Their eyes can only see what is outside. They don’t have a third eye looking inside. (That would make life more interesting). What their eyes can see in their environment is the material world. That could explain that their first attempt to find happiness is to look for material possessions in their environment. Money comes to mind.

In this first video, people don’t make a distinction between true happiness coming from the soul and the enjoyment related to the body. You may enjoy a glass of wine, but can you rely on wine to have a happy life?

This second video is about people reunited with animals. We knew that people could relate to cats and dogs. You may be surprised to see the strong attachment that we can have to monkeys, donkeys, tigers, lions, geese and even fish and alligators. It is more than enjoyment. It is pure joy. This is not something money can buy. It goes directly to your soul. It is universal happiness that even animals can experience.

In real life, enjoyment and true happiness are often combined.  The true happiness can be so scarce that we don’t really expect it. Ask people about the moments of true happiness in their life and you will see that it does not happen very often.

There is nothing wrong with enjoyment as long as we don’t become its prisoner and forget our main goal that is looking for true happiness.

Don't get discouraged. Human beings are improving:


What we know is only a tiny little part of what is surrounding us.  We are discovering unsuspected abilities can be implemented into human beings.


There is hope. More and more people have exceptional abilities. For instance you could start with the Top 10

Most of them were born with a big problem and surprising abilities. You would not want to be born that way, but it is interesting to discover what can be implemented in a human being. This is only the top 10. You will find many more on You Tube such as Daniel Tammet and many others.  Some people like JasonPadgett. became a savant by being kicked in the head. This is not a technology we would recommend. There is no guaranty of success.  However, we are getting closer and closer to opening the doors of a new and marvelous world. We could be reaching the last stage. More and more children are born with exceptional abilities without problems.

In short:

Happiness is a consequence. Its cause could be an improvement of our soul.

The first step is to free the soul from its attachment to the material level. This is something we can work on, and we have a lot of work to do.

The next step would be to elevate the soul by increasing our level of consciousness. This is how we can get over our glass ceiling.

Any improvement of the soul will be experienced as a feeling of happiness. This is what will motivate us to participate in our own evolution.

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