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Matter: This is the lower level. There are atoms made of many particles. Plenty of them! Those atoms can combine to make molecules. Plenty of them! There is a lot of movement inside those atoms. That does not mean that there is life inside them. At least this is the way humans see the level of matter. Only rocks! No life. No movement. No feelings. Nothing but eternity!


Plants: You make plants by adding something to matter. Something important! You must add the ability to grow and to take a certain shape. You also need the ability to make seeds and reproduce. The level of plants is particularly important to humankind. This is where our food comes from. We don’t know if there is life in plants, but we can be sure that there would not be life on earth without them.

As far as we can tell, many stars don’t have the plants levels. That does not mean that there is no life on those planets. It only means that their kind of life would not need matter.


Animals: They use matter. They grow their own shape. They reproduce. They can also move from one place to another. Some move their legs. Some move their wings. Others swim. They all use the same idea. They move by changing the shape of their body.


Human beings: They are made of matter. They grow their own shape. They move. They also think. That does not mean that animals cannot think. It only means that thinking is more developed in humans than in the animals.


The general idea is that we move from one level to the next, by distancing ourselves more and more from the material world.

We were told, at school, that the world around us was made of matter, plants, animals and humans were above all that. This is an oversimplification. We need a closer look to find our place in the world.

Can we think of heat without something being hot?

That seems to be impossible. However, this is what we do when we talk about calories. We are at the limit between the material and the non-physical worlds. 

In the non-physical world we find consciousness, love, ideas, feelings, souls… The difference is obvious. Heat is somewhere in-between those two worlds. It seems to belong to the non-physical but can manifest itself in the material world. Humans, like heat, have a foot in each world.  What we know is that the world around us does not come as a soup. It comes as separate levels.

-To get from matter to the plants, we added a shape.

-To move from the plants to the animals we added the possibility to change shape.

-With thinking, we added something immaterial that does not have any shape. We are entering the non-physical.


What could the levels above us be made of? Could we have a level of heat and a level of energy and a level of consciousness and a level of love? Could we have a level of souls without a body? Why not?


When astronomers look for life on another planet, they search for a body. They search for water because our body, on earth, is made of 80% water. They use the tools and the way of thinking of the material world. To explore the non-physical requires a new set of tools. Our material world was a good point of entry into the vast universe. It was a way to develop a basic way of thinking under the guidance of Nature. It was a first step in the development of humans thinking. To explore the non-physical requires a new set of tools and a more elaborate thinking.

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