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12 - The human brain

              QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life

The human body is marvelous. Unfortunately, it comes equipped with a brain that is a total disappointment.  

You could think that, after the Big Bang, a limited amount of thinking appeared in the universe. It was condensed into the human brain and nowhere else. Take that with a grain of salt! Do we become more and more dumb as the world population increases? Do we have to share a limited amount of thinking? Can we generate thinking just by ourselves, out of nothing, as the world’s population increases?

Our thinking may not be as great as we would like to think. You can get your ego massage by comparing human thinking with the thinking of animals. That’s not fair. We should compare the development of our brain with the development of our own body. Let’s keep in mind that every second we complete about 500 trillion faultless copies of hemoglobin – a protein containing 10000 atoms in 574 amino acids. How does that compare with the possibilities of the human brain?

We hoped that mathematics could help. At the end of a mathematical reasoning there is a formula. If you know the formula, you don’t need the reasoning. The first use of Mathematics is to avoid reasoning. To get the surface of a rectangle you only need to remember that it is a multiplication. Nobody will ask you why. Of course, somebody had to find the formula. We called him a genius and put his name in the dictionary. This is our way to preserve our ego.

Fortunately, there is more to mathematics than to avoid reasoning.

The Fibonacci numbers are part of nature. They may not explain everything. They give us access to a partial explanation. Look at nature around you and you will find numbers and relations between numbers. It seems that mathematics help us to understand nature. They could stand for the part of nature that the human brain can understand.

Here is a test of the human brain:

Take a series of coins and put them in alignment and number them 1, 2, 3, 4…  all heads up.

 - We flip the coins 2, 4, 6… and all the multiple of 2.

 - We flip the coins 3, 6, 9, 12…  and all the multiple of 3.

What are the coins that are still head up? No need for complicated calculations. Some simple reasoning should do. Any human brain would see that there are two ways a coin can remain head up……

Compare this problem with the sophistication of the human body. Telling people that their brain is limited is not the best way to make friends.  We prefer to hear that the universe was created in such a way that it can be dominated by human thinking.

How can you explain this enormous discrepancy between our mind and our body?

The best explanation could comes from history. When an animal sees a danger, it knows what its reaction should be. Birds fly away - Zebras run - Fish swim. When man perceives a danger, he may hesitate between different reactions. Should he hide? Run away? Call for help? Throw stones? Climb a tree? Man introduces thinking between being aware of the danger and his reaction. That takes time! A fraction of a second could make the difference between survival and becoming a meal. The more you think, the lower your chances of survival. Dropping the best thinkers for millions of years before they even have a chance to reproduce lowers the IQ of the general population. We are the survivors because we are the dumb ones. The Homo sapiens survived because of their limited thinking.

If this is a correct explanation, a similar evolution should also apply to animals. It would be interesting to know if the smartest individuals tended to disappear prematurely in different species.

The scientists are the first ones to say that our thinking is not reliable. They want everything to be confirmed by experiments. They need the approval of Mother Nature. They say that we should look at the facts and apply our thinking to the facts. Why should we associate the reliable facts with an unreliable thinking that is going to mess up everything? Does that make sense? They want A.I. to amplify human thinking. Is that reasonable? The robots that we are going to make will be the creation of human thinking. Are you sure that this is what we want? You may amplify something good. You may also amplify something really bad. How can we be sure that we don’t need the laws of Mother Nature’s anymore?


We need to find a better way to use our brain.

Science starts with analysis. It is only the beginning. It is a point of entry for human thinking. It is good to cut a problem into small pieces with the hope that small pieces will have small problems. After we solve the small problems, we can put the pieces back together. This is treating Mother Nature like a machine. You take it apart and find out which part needs to be replaced.


A better way to use our brain is to use synthesis instead of analysis. After noticing something special in Nature we should look for something similar elsewhere. Is there a general idea implemented in many ways, right under our nose? This is how we discovered the fractals. It took us many years, but we finally did it. 

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