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QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life


The first fractals appeared in 1979 and that was only a beginning. They made us discover nature’s architecture.






There are a few things in life that cannot be put in writing. Fortunately, we have the internet.

Have you watched fractals before? They are beautiful. They have colors and movement. There is something fascinating about them. Sounds, colors and movement are criteria of life. It is like watching wood burning in the fireplace or watching television. Search for 'fractals' on You Tube and you can spend many hours watching them.

Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the fractals using a computer to show the connection between shapes and the mathematical formula. Zn+1 = Zn2 + C. You start with one point and the formula tells you where the next point will be, and the next, and the next… That takes a lot of operations that only a computer could make. They made some fractals in 3 dimensions. They even made music fractals.

After this discovery we found fractals everywhere in nature. They are in cauliflowers, ferns, mountains, lighting, our circulatory system….  For more than 5000 years we were eating cauliflowers, looking at ferns, climbing mountains and afraid of lightning and nobody realized that we were surrounded by fractals.  That does not make us look very bright - Does it?

Association of opposites

Associations of opposites are all around us, like the fractals.

They seem to follow a law of nature and we can find them every where.

- Some opposites are more difficult to see. For instance, there is an association of opposites between the blood circulating in your veins and the leaves of a tree. The blood in your veins is red because it has iron that attracts the magnet. Red and green are complementary colors. The leaves of the trees have chlorophyll that is green because it has magnesium that repulses the magnet. Your blood circulates. The chlorophyll does not.  Blood is inside your body. The chlorophyll is outside the plants...

One association of opposites does not mean much unless you can find many more…. like you can find many fractals. Let’s keep digging.​

​- Ovule and spermatozoa. There is only one ovule, it moves slowly, it is circular and one of the bigger cells of the body. There are millions of spermatozoa. Their shape is a straight line, and they move fast. They are very small. Ovule and spermatozoid are obviously made for each other.

- Body and soul. The outside of the body is connected to the center of the soul. This is what makes touching important. The body is in the material world. The soul in the immaterial...

- Brain and nerves. There is one brain inside bones with a round shape (The skull). There are millions of nerves, outside the bones, elongated. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body...​

- Here are some more examples: Attraction and Repulsion of magnets - Past and Future - Thinking and intuition - Matter and radiation....

If you are looking for associations of opposites, chances are that you will not find them. If you are open-minded without looking for them, you will find them everywhere. That means that you will find them with your intuition rather than your thinking. 

...and all the rest:
After the fractals and the association of opposites you may wonder what else exists around us, waiting to be discovered. What we can learn from fractals and opposites is that intuition is a better tool than thinking to investigate the architecture of Nature. That may not seem to be very scientific but who cares, as long as it works?


We already know that we have a body and a soul.  Let’s keep investigating.

- We live simultaneously in two different domains. There is the material domain surrounding us with everything that we can see, touch, hear, smell... It is the scientific world where you can use ideas and make experiments and measurements.

- We also live in the immaterial domain. It is a world of feelings and direct knowledge. No need for experiments and measurements. You just KNOW when someone loves you or somebody is lying. 

Our conscious mind is in the domain of ideas and experiments and science. Our unconscious mind is the domain of feelings and direct knowledge. Men have their center of gravity in the conscious mind. Women have their center of gravity in the unconscious. Sexes are an association of opposites made to work together.

This is an over-simplification - of course. You may not approve.

It would be pretentious to decide that we are the only creature in the universe having a body and a soul. Do you think that your dog has a soul? It may be more simplistic than yours but there must be something. Do you think that the microbes in your body have a shadow of a soul? Do you think that planet earth could have a master soul? All those souls must be related to each other. The body of the microbe is inside your body and your body is part of the earth. The souls could be united like fractals inside each other.

Let's dream:

You start with the soul of a galaxy. As you get deeper you see the soul of a solar system, followed by the soul of a planet, the souls of individuals, the souls of microbes... like you go from the trunk of a tree to its branches and all the way down to the little veins of its leaves.


There is a marvelous world around us that we are only beginning to discover. Don't let people get in your way with their logic.

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