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There are two important days in our life,

The day we are born and the day we find out why.

Mark Twain

Getting an education does not solve everything. Our teachers, at school, told us about what they knew. That was not enough.  Take ‘consciousness’ for instance.  Nobody really knows what it is. That does mean that it is not important. We should not ignore the importance of what we don't know. We don’t like to talk about questions for which we don’t have an answer. That’s human nature. Let’s break the taboo and get some fresh air. What in the world are we doing on earth?

Before we say that humans are going to dominate the universe, we should keep in mind that modern humans are 98.8 % genetically similar to chimpanzees, 75% genetically similar to chickens and 60% genetically similar to banana trees. Click here for details.

Stephen Hawking predicted that humans will need to find a new planet in the next 1,000 years. Is there something wrong with the way we live on earth? Don’t we serve the purpose of the human species? Should we tell our descendants to get ready for massive emigration? They should not complain. They have been warned!

Our body is something way above our head!

Should we look for answers in our soul? Philosophers look for answers in philosophy. Astronomers look in the sky. We all are in the same predicament. The human brain is very limited compared with the complexity of the vast universe. We don’t even know what is going on inside our own body. We don’t know all the chemistry necessary to digest a simple meal. We don’t know what happens, eight hours a day, when we sleep.

It may not be pleasant to feel like an isolated individual facing the whole world, but this is part of our life, and we cannot delegate our life to someone else. We are surrounded by many things that we are not conscious of.

Let’s make an appraisal of our predicament.

Our body belongs to the physical world where everything has a shape, a weight, a color and can be measured. However, it is in the soul that we find what is most important in our life, such as love, ideas, values, life, freedom…  They don’t have a color, a weight, or shape and cannot be measured. This is the domain of the non-physical.

Our life also is divided into two parts: awake and asleep. When we are awake, we live in our body – in the physical world.

We become conscious of the universe through the signals that we receive from our sense organs. They are not perfect but that’s all we have. We know that our vision is limited to a small range between red and violet. We cannot see the infra-red and the ultra-violet. Our world is limited by our senses.

Our senses are like the sun that prevents us from seeing the stars.


When we are asleep… we have a problem. We leave our body in bed like we leave the car in the garage – and walk away. We don’t know what happened to the driver. We know that sleeping is important, but we can’t explain why.  Our eyes are close. There is no noise and no light. We would wake up if any signal from our senses would get to our brain. We have entered the domain of the non-physical. This domain seems to offer new possibilities. When we cannot solve a problem during the day, we ‘sleep on it’ and wake up, with a solution, the next morning.  What happened? To solve a problem, after all, is to become conscious of its solution. What happens at night could be an increase of consciousness. If we could remember what happens during our sleep, we may decide that it is the most important part of our life.


At night, there is no sun preventing us from seeing the stars.


People who got close to death say that they had an overview of their life. They call it a Near Death Experience. They remember long forgotten events. They see their mistakes and the consequences of every mistake. They live in a domain where time does not matter. They seem to get access to a different type of memory. It seems that the notion of time is different for the body and for the soul. Maybe the body is temporary, and the soul is immortal. The ‘time’ that we use during the day could be a small interval in a more general “Time” like the colors that we can see are in a small interval between infra-red and ultra-violet.


Some birds can fly using only half of their brain. After a while they switch sides and keep flying. The human brain also is made of two hemispheres. How come we can’t switch between them? That’s not fair.

What we do, by day, in our physical world could be the implementation of decisions made at night in the soul’s world. Every morning the soul gets back in the body like the body gets dressed to go to work.


Our soul is treating life on earth as a part time job.

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