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QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life

21- What could be the purpose
               of our life on earth?

“Why do the soul and the body get together?” If we could find an answer to that question, we would know the purpose of our life on earth.

Why would a nice little soul want to spend some time in the 5% of the material world? That does not happen by accident, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. We must do it on purpose.  The human body is high maintenance. What could be the soul’s motivation? Are we a bunch of masochists enjoying life in purgatory?


During the day, the soul uses the body as her connection to the material world. Our consciousness seems to be at the junction of body and soul. This is where we should look for the meaning of our life.

We collected the following clues:

  • The physical body is used to extract energy from the plants. About 20% of that energy is placed at the disposal of the soul at night.

  • The body has more than 80 billion neurons that are not used during the day. They could be used at night by the soul.

  • The most important part of our life could be at night. This is when the soul uses physical energy and the 80 billion neurons to process the events of the day. The result is an increase of consciousness.

The world appears to us as made of layers. We are on the 4th layer above matter, plants and animals.

-          There is a current going up through those layers. It starts with the light of our sun making the plants grow. The human body is part of that current. It extracts energy from the plants. This is a transfer from the material world to the non-physical. Energy is transformed into consciousness.


-          There is also a current going down from higher worlds. What dominates one level gets implemented at a lower level in a simplified way. For instance, the human level is the level of thinking and some thinking is implemented at the level of animals. Love can be implemented as sexual attraction at lower levels.


-          We want to get out of Plato’s cave. We want to get out of our skin and be reunited with the world. We want to be part of this current that is moving from dirt to ideas and feelings. Any flower would point us in the right direction. We want to move from the material toward the immaterial. We want to get out of our ‘5% reality’. We want to get through our glass ceiling and get access to the level above us. We want to increase our level of consciousness!


In this context, the human soul would be motivated, by the ascending current, to get to higher levels. The descending current brings us a limited consciousness. We could amplify it and use it to get through our glass ceiling.

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