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-  Let’s go back to earth. Humans and animals are feeding on plants. Our body need at least 60 minerals (such as Calcium, iron, magnesium…) This is not something the body can manufacture. They must come from the soil. The plants use the microorganisms in the soil to pre-digest the minerals. We need the plants to ‘precook’ our minerals before we can assimilate them. We decided that plants must have been created before animals and humans. That sounds reasonable - Doesn't it?

- Plants grow in a thin layer of arable land around the planet. Without it there would be no plants, no animals and no humans.  Our thin layer of arable land must have been created before the plants. You agree - Don't you?

This is where the problem starts. Where does arable earth come from? We have been told that when the light of the sun falls on an object, only its color is reflected to our eyes. 

Massimo Scaligero goes as far as saying that by the time the light of the sun hits our eyes it has lost most of its content. It has been reflected and is dead. We live in a dead world! There could be much more in the sun's light than what we are aware of. According to Scaligero we are surrounded by a world of which we know extraordinarily little.

It would be difficult to explain color to somebody who is color blind. The light of our sun is the source of everything on earth and we are not conscious of it. We are 90% blind.

If you want details read The light by Massimo Scaligero. (This is not the kind of literature you take to bed with crackers). If he is right, we may have to rediscover through our thinking what the primitive people who worshipped the sun already knew through their intuition.


Would you like some numbers?

It is estimated that the earth has been receiving an "average over the entire earth"of 164 to 340 watts per square meter  every day. This is much more than all the energy used every day, all over the world. This downpour of energy has been going on for millions of years. What happened to all that energy falling on the ground?

We don't notice it because it is delivered in relatively small doses (compared to what the sun can do) but we cannot ignore its cumulative effect. That could explain the arable land. It was produced by exposing the earth to the effect of the sun for millions of years. This exposure is still going on. There is more to come.


You could say that the arable earth, the plants, the animals, and mankind are an “implementation” of the light received from our sun during millions of years. We start with a piece of rock, six million years ago. Very slowly, the light from our sun transforms this rock and covers it with a thin layer of arable land. Under more sun, the plants start growing, followed by animals and the human species.


That is only half the story. This is only the material aspect of our sun's influence. The immaterial side of the sun's light was also transforming the earth. It created what we see today as heat, life, consciousness, love and all those things that are important in our life but don't have a shape or a weight.

That cannot be proven, of course. This is not a domain where you can make experiments!


Let’s keep dreaming!

This idea fits very well with the Big Bang. The two opposites balance each other. The Big Bang uses a lot of energy but no time and no space. The exposure to the sun for millions of years uses only small doses of energy but needs a lot of time and a lot of space. Those two seem to be made for each other. We are part of that evolution. We are part of the creation of the world. You participate in the creation of the universe every day of your life. Congratulations! Keep going!

The problem with the reverse engineering is that it is based on “time” alone. You cannot imagine that the stars were created in space, without moving, and time was added later to make them move.


Reverse engineering cannot go back more than a few million years. This is not much for a planet that is 13 billion years old.  Something must be missing.


When we scratch a match, we don’t create light and heat. They existed long before we made matches. We give light and heat an opportunity to manifest themselves in our material world. We open the door for the non-physical world to enter our limited material world.

We have several answers at our disposal. They go from the instant Big Bang to a creation that took 6 or 7 days and all the way to an evolution that takes millions of years without any completion date. The fact that diverse explanations are available means that we still do not have a definite answer. You are free to make your own.

The sky is the limit!  

We tried reverse engineering. Our first attempt was not very romantic:

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