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Let’s start with a simple question:

             "If Marie’s daughter has a son, what is the relationship between Marie and the father of the son?”

No mathematics. This is a simple question about relationships in a family! There should not be any problem!

We like the idea that human thinking will allow us to dominate the universe - all the way to the galaxies that we have never seen. This may be wishful thinking!

Listen to what the slime molds have to say:

They could make us change our idea of ‘intelligence.’

Slime molds are at the limits of plants, animals, and fungus. They don’t have a brain. They don’t have a head and they can solve some problems better than we can. We use their ‘intelligence’ to improve our computers. Some day they could become an important part of the robots. Imagine robots without a brain doing things that we cannot do ourselves. They could tell us in a millisecond that Marie is the stepmother of the son’s father.

A slime mold could say: “The human way to solve a problem is to think about it. You pile up ideas upon ideas. You end up needing the most powerful computers to tackle a problem that I can solve very easily without even thinking about it. You should accept the idea that there is a better way to solve problems than using the human thinking.”

We are not going to let a slime tell us what to do. Our answer could be:

“Slimes don’t talk to each other. They don’t know about writing. They don’t know about music. They ignore everything that is not part of their domain of expertise. They are experts in a certain domain, but their domain is limited. Humans also could be experts in a limited domain. Every plant and every animal could fill a slot in nature’s unlimited domain of expertise. Why does nature make flowers grow on top of a mountain where nobody can see them? The answer could be that “There was a place for a little domain of possibilities on top of that mountain”.

Humans have a place in the world. They are fulfilling a possibility of nature. The duck, the slime, humans and the rest of creation have something in common: They underestimate what they are not conscious of.

We made computers. That’s an achievement and we can be proud of it. Could that proof of our superior thinking?

If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibrations


Maybe not! Computers are made of the association of millions of simple ideas coming from millions of different people. That does not mean that the human brain improved the day we started making computers. It only shows that we needed many people to put together many simple ideas.

Computers are following the general direction of human evolution. We started by making tools to go hunting. Those tools were simple objects. The next step was to make machines. Those required ideas using objects. With computers we keep moving from the material world to the non-physical. With A.I. we are going one more step in the same direction.  What could be our next step? The development of our feelings?

We search with our brain but we find with our heart.

George Sand

Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain

an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

Children seem to know all that. They don’t need logic. They sing, dance, paint. 

They know that the most important is not what we see.

They decide in which world they want to live and create their own world. They could draw our attention to the importance of some aspects of our life that we are neglecting. We need schools where parents could go and learn from the children how to reactivate their imagination!

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