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We are connected to the rest of the universe through the cycles of the atoms around the earth. We are never alone!
That does not prevent the human body from being a marvelous achievement.
It is much more complicated than anything a human brain can conceive:

  • 30000 to 50000 different proteins.

  • 60000 different kinds of toxins.                           

  • Between 75000 and 100000 genes.

  • More than one million different kinds of bacteria in our mouth alone.

  • 10 million different types of blood cells.

  • Trillions of cells organized in groups within groups and reacting with other groups.

  • Every second our body completes about 500 trillion faultless copies of hemoglobin, a protein containing 10000 atoms in 574 amino acids.

  • The number of organisms in the digestive system is: 100 000 000 000 000.

  • and much more...      

 The human body can last 120 years.  Jeanne Louise Calment lived 122 years and 164 days from 21 Feb 1875

to 4 August 1997.

It is interesting to compare human  life expectancy  with other animals. 


We could say that medicine and a better hygiene have increased our life expectancy from 40 to 80 years. We have 40 more years to go. We are halfway. The goal is to die in good health like a candle burning all the way to the end. That’s not going to be easy!
 And there is more:
This is done without any help from our brain. The parents only introduced a spermatozoid to an ovule. What happened after that was out of their control. The first cell knows how to grow and multiply. The mother provides food and shelter. She cannot even decide if she wants a boy or a girl. You may not approve. This is not the way to treat a woman.
At birth, our environment changes from the womb to planet earth. It will be our responsibility, all our life, to do for our body what our mother did for the embryo and provide our body with a favorable environment. The same process could continue after our death. Could we move from the environment of planet earth to the solar system? Why not?


Virgin birth: There are many things that we don't understand about our body, and there is a lot more that we don't know. In the Louisville zoo a female python gave birth to 6 little pythons without being in contact with a male. We are told in the same article that virgin births also happened to chickens, turkeys, komodo dragons, hammerhead sharks, amphibians, reptiles, cartilaginous and bony fish and even song birds. It is called parthenogenesis. It happens for reasons we don't quite understand.

Think about it: If we don't mow the lawn, the grass will reproduce through the seeds. The grass has two ways to reproduce, through the roots and through the seeds. If the python can reproduce without a male and the grass has two ways to reproduce, it would not be impossible for mankind to have more than one way to reproduce.

A woman who was studying the Bible had one row full of different bibles in her library. In one of them, under John XIII, you could read that man has five ways to reproduce. Yes five ways! The act of flesh is only one of them. It was under John XIII instead of the washing of the feet. We searched many bookstores but never found another copy of this bible. Let us know if you ever find such John XIII in a bible.


Because we know many details, we assume that we also know all the basics. We may still have many things to learn about human reproduction. Imagine that, someday, our scientists tell us that some of us do not have a biological father! What a pandemonium! They may already know about it, but nobody wants to open this can of worms!

 And there is more.
The tattoos could change the way we see many things on earth. A tree is more than a certain weight of wood. It is one stage in the circulation of atoms. Some of them – such as the carbon – may become part of our body in the future. The whole world is in a perpetual movement, and we are part of it.
We should not look at a tree like we look at a picture in a film. This can be misleading. The picture of a horse jumping over a fence does not mean that horses can fly.
Scientists assume that the atoms are immortals. You may want to question the experience our scientists have of immortality.
There is a problem:
Human bodies are high maintenance and cumbersome. They cannot walk very far; they cannot run very fast. All kinds of machines are needed for their transport. Not only do they need shoes, but they also need cars, trains, buses, bicycles, metros, planes, ships, rockets…  Our soul has to drag that body wherever it goes.
Our body must be fed three times a day. It must always be kept at the right temperature. It smells bad unless it gets washed regularly. We must keep cutting hair and nails. We must take it to the dentist, the doctor, the oculist and the best we can expect after all this tender loving care is that it does not hurt!
                 Instead of asking:    “What is the purpose of human life?”  
                 we should ask:
                                                     “What could motivate a soul
                                              to get associated with a human body?”

The tattoos make us change the way we look at ourselves. A human body is more than a weight on the doctor’s scale.
Let’s take, for instance, the calcium of our skeleton. In the recent past, it may have been in a sardine or in the shell or an egg. Our skeleton is only a detour in its cycle. What is regulating this detour? According to Dr. Wallach, our body needs about 60 minerals. The calcium is only one of them. They must be in our body at a certain time and stay there for as long as needed. What is regulating the traffic? We don’t know where the atoms of our body are coming from, and we don’t know where they are going. We see our body like we look at a picture taken out of a film.

We are never alone.
Every second our body generates 20 million new cells to replace the dead ones. Without humans those atoms would follow their own cycles in nature. The calcium could go directly from the sardine to the egg. We have no reason to believe that it would miss a detour in a human body!

It is more than regular maintenance.

There is some creation involved.

Remove 75% of a liver and the body will completely rebuild the whole liver.

Starfish can regenerate their body.

 Sharks continually shed their teeth.

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