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QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life


We, the Souls of the People, hold the following truths to be self-evident:

- The body and the soul belong to separate domains. The body belongs to the material domain. The soul belongs to the non-physical domain.

- The body does not have access to the non-physical domain of the soul.

- There is nothing in the human body that was created by the human brain. It all started with one cell when the parents introduced a spermatozoid to an ovule. What happened after that was completely out of their control. Those cells knew how to grow and multiply.

- A soul is associated with a physical body for a limited time, after which, the body gets recycled.

- At night the soul leaves the body like people leave their car in the garage - and walk away.

- The soul is treating life on earth as a part-time job. Every morning the soul gets back into a physical body, like the body gets dressed to go to work.

- The human being is conscious of the world around him through his senses and these senses, like his vision, are very limited.

- The limitations of the body are well known. Unfortunately, we don’t have a third eye to see the limitations of the soul.

- If we accept the idea of a body without a soul (a dead body) we should also accept the idea of a soul without a body. There could be many planets, up there, full of souls who are in no hurry to get into a physical body – and we can’t blame them.

- We can assume, for the time being, that the human consciousness can be found at the junction of body and soul.

- What gives true happiness also gives meaning to our life. Happiness can be used as a criterion of a successful life.

- The question at the center of human life is: “What could motivate the soul to get associated with a physical body – even for a short period of time?”

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