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QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life


We have a problem. It is the most important problem the Homo sapiens have ever had in the 300 000 years of their history. We have to move out of our material world that is limited to 5% of reality and embrace the remaining 95%. Our way of thinking must change. Our notion of Good and Bad must change. The purpose of our life on earth must change. We must get out of Plato’s cave. We must free ourselves from the limitations of our body and the material world.


In the past few centuries, there was always one country ahead of the others. In the 15th century it was Portugal. Then it was Spain, The Netherland, France, England, the USA… That does not mean that those people were smarter than the others. It only means that it was their turn to lead. Today, we cannot rely on one leader. We are together facing the same problem of a common evolution.


By exploring other planets, we may discover other implementations of “life” that will change the way we look at life on eath. We raise cows, sheep, and chickens for our own benefit. How could we complain if some day we discover that some aliens are using us for their own benefit? For instance, they could harvest the love that we produce and leave our bad feelings for us to recycle. The Aliens and us may be on the same boat carried by the same current. We all share the same goal of reaching the level above. If we want to deserve the respect of the levels above, we should respect the levels below.


Those who keep fighting about territory, oil, ideologies, water, ego massage or natural resources will be left behind. We created a society governed by money. We must get out of this debt bondage and recover our freedom.

Let’s put aside our sadomasochism. This does not serve the purpose of our life.  It is by getting conscious of the purpose of our life that we will get out of our cave and take part in our own evolution.


Either the Homo sapiens species will survive, or we will go the way of the Homo habilis, the Homo erectus, the Homo heidelbergensis, the Neanderthals, the Cro-Magnon, and a few others. This cannot be left to isolated individuals. We have to think as a species.

When we look at a sunset on the ocean we see millions of little sparks. What is important is that they reflect the light from the same sun. We are those individual sparks, united under the same sun.

The real battle is inside us. We must free our soul from the shackles of the physical world and get over our glass ceiling.

We may not be the master of our ship, but we are trying to master the wind blowing in our sails. What is new in the 21st century is that we are becoming conscious of our evolution. We can participate in the process and speed it up. We can transform our failures into learning experiences. 

We must succeed where eight species of humans have failed.  The time has come to stop fighting each other and start fighting for a common goal.

Future historians may divide human history in two periods: “Before and after the humans became willing participants in their own evolution”.


The criterion of success is a soul that can be
in a body like heat penetrates an object
without getting attached to it.

   Homo sapiens – Unite

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