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            QUESTION 6: The purpose of our life

1- The tattoos

It happens to everybody, sooner or later. We stop what we are doing and ask ourselves: “What am I doing here? What is the purpose of all this? What is the purpose of my life?” We know that this question has been with us all our life. It is following us, like our shadow.  We did not want to face it because we didn’t know where to start. That does not mean that nobody should try to investigate the purpose of human life on earth.  The purpose of this website is to help you get started. We look at life from different angles. We plant some seeds and let you water them… if you feel like it.

Every individual wants to know what his life is all about. There will be some scary thoughts and some pleasant ones. Let’s start with some fun.

Then ask him how come we keep our tattoos! Remain silent. Give him time to come up with all the wrong answers.  Enjoy!  

You don't have to limit yourself to your doctor. You can also try it on your parents or people at work or anybody with or without a tattoo... Enjoy!

You will not find the right answer in your skin but in the way you think about yourself. We use our legs for walking. We use our brain for thinking. They both need some practice. The brain is a tool, and we must master that tool like we learn to use a fork, a knife, a bicycle and a car. The brain takes a bit longer. We never master it completely. The longer it takes, the smarter you become.

The answer to our question is that our body does not replace 'our skin' as a whole.  It replaced 'the cells of our skin' one by one. We don't renew our skin one morning like the snake sheds its skin and the lobster molts.

We replace one dead cell with one new cell. One at a time. The ink inserted in your skin is not part of your body. It does not get replaced any more than the fillings in your teeth. Our thinking must be at the level of the cells, not the level of the skin.

This is only a beginning:

When you look at the water in a swimming pool, you see a clear liquid. When a chemist looks at water, he sees a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Your thinking must be at the right level and this level is not the same for swimming and for chemistry.


We don’t have a problem separating Time and Space. The clock on the wall stays at the same place and keeps telling us about Time.  This is not an idea that we can apply to the moon. You cannot imagine the moon staying in the same place in the sky, like a clock on the wall. The moon must move. There is some connection between Time and Space. We cannot think about the solar system the same way we think about objects on Earth. Time and Space are combined like the chemist combines oxygen and hydrogen to make water.

Size really matters! The way we think about our cells is not the way we think about our skin. Can human thinking be adapted to our solar system or the Red Giant?


That places us somewhere between the infinitely small atoms and the infinitely large universe. This is a rather precarious position for somebody who wants to dominate the world.

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